Better Training.

Better Performance

Knowledgeable and experienced coaching, that provides comprehensive programs to compete on the International stage.


Our coaching staff is among the most experienced and knowledgeable in the country.  We understand the demands the sport requires to perform at the highest levels in the ITU or IRONMAN environment.  We don't compromise on developing the skills sets, technical and tactical knowledge that brings World Class performances.

Our coaching team has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, training programs that work for age group athletes, Elite and development athletes.

As with any sport, the best training is purposeful and integrated, our programs include all disciplines, and we take responsibility for our athletes performances.  

Athletes in our Junior and Elite Development programs are supported with daily performance tracking, nutrition support, mental performance training, dedicated access to physio-theropy and specialized training facilities.


Club history

About Us

Our Mission

‚ÄčTo develop a passion for an active healthy lifestyle through systematic and progressive sport specific programs, that encourage, fair play, equality, good sportsmanship and the pursuit of personal excellence through sport.

How We Approach our Training

We believe that all athletes regardless of age need to develop the proper skill sets in order to achieve their potential.  "

"Technique will determine how far your fitness will take you" is one of Coach Greg's favorite sayings and we develop all athletes based on this ethos. We stress process over performance for all our athletes through our Storm Troopers and Development Program.  Of course at some point performance becomes an important part of continuing in sport and this concept is introduced and supported as the athlete develops objectives and goals where performance is imperative.

Our Provincial, National and International level athletes will have developed a large "vocabulary" of skill sets that enable them to compete in the most challenging of environments.  Triathlons are not conducted in a controlled environment like swimming and track are so athletes need to develop an array of skills in order to be competitive on any course.  We encourage our athletes to be patient and persistent. Regardless of the objective; to compete at ITU Draft Legal racing, Iron Distance and recreational events all triathletes need to be resilient, determined and tough.

t all started in 2001, and Eastern Ontario's First Triathlon Club was formed

It was 2001 when the newly formed Nepean - Kanata Triathlon Club offered 3 summer camps for kids.  The sport of triathlon was fairly new to most but had gained popularity when Canadian Triathlete Simon Whitfield brought home a GOLD medal in the 2000 Olympic Games.  Not knowing how popular the camps might be Club Founder and Coach Greg Kealey only offered the camps for 3 days each session.  Each of the camps sold out.

The next year Coach Greg, added to the camps by contacting all 70 kids who had attended the camps the previous year to announce that Eastern Ontario's only Triathlon Club, was forming a race team for kids.  The club name would also change from Nepean - Kanata Triathlon Club to Bytown (the original name for the city of Ottawa) in an attempt to encourage some of the kids from outside the Kanata area to join.

From those humble beginnings has developed one of Ontario's most successful triathlon programs.  Our athletes have won over 40 provincial, National and International Podium finishes since 2007.  The Bytown Storm program has been an influence for many other youth programs to develop across the Province and continues to lead the development of the sport of Triathlon for youth,elite and age group masters in ITU draft legal style racing.

Founder and Lead Coach Greg Kealey has been a consistent leader in the sport across Canada and continues to work developing the sport for youth locally as well as across the Province and country