Transition Area


PRE-RACE MEETING: A pre-race meeting will be held at 7:45 am.

START TYPE:  Based on water levels this event will be either a dock or deep water start in a protected area of the Ottawa River.


Race DivisionStart TimeSwim DistanceBike DistanceRun Distance


Draft Legal

Male: 8:00am

Female: 8:25am

400M ( 2 loops of 200m)10km (4 Loops of 2.5km)4km

Male: 9:00am

Female: 9:25am

300M ( 2 loops of 150m)10KM (4 Loops of 2.5km)3KM

Male: 9:45am

Female: 10:00am

200M (2 loops of 100m)5KM (2 Loops of 2.5 km)2KM

Male: 10:15am

Female: 10:30am

100M (1 loop of 100m)5KM ( 2 Loops of 2.5 km)1KM
U7M/F: 10:45am50M1.5KM (2 loops of 750m)
U5M/F: 11:00am25M750M (1 loop of 750m)

IMPORTANT:  Race Schedule has been updated as of August 11, 2018.  Schedule may be adjusted up until race day. We recommend keeping an eye out for newsletters and correspondence from the race organizers.

Post Race and Awards

Thanks to various donors there will be a nutritious snack available to athletes, awesome participant pins for all athletes, medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category as well as draw prizes. 


All bikes will be inspected by officials before entering the transition zone. This bike check is mandatory.

Please ensure that your athlete's bike is in good repair and is safe for your athlete and the other competitors. Bikes must have functioning front and rear brakes, inflated tires, and no kickstands. Athletes may not be able to compete if their bike is deemed unsafe. Please remember that it is the responsibility of the athlete and their parents to ensure that all equipment meets Triathlon Ontario guidelines.


TRANSITION AREA WILL BE CLOSED until the end of the final event, for safety reasons. Please be prepared to be at the race site until the end of the final event.


There is limited parking available directly at the Bonnenfant Centre. Parking is possible along the road east of the Bonnenfant centre. However please do not park along the identified bike course.

The 2018 Dunrobin Kids of Steel Triathlon presented by Bytown Storm Triathlon Club



Date: Sunday, August 12th 2018  

Time: 7:30am-12:00pm with a Mandatory Race Meeting @ 7:45

Location: The YMCA-YWCA Bonnenfant Outdoor Centre. 1620 Sixth Line Road, Dunrobin Ontario.


SWIM - The swim will take place in a protected part of the Ottawa River. The course is out and back well marked with buoys and plenty of open water support. ​Please note there is approximately 300m between swim exit and Transition zone and extra footwear is recommended

BIKE – The bike course is an out and back bike route on a fully paved, well maintained and closed road with police supervision. 
RUN - The run is a one kilometer (1km) loop on a mix of grass and gravel surfaces. Athletes are in view of spectators at all times. 


Rules governing triathlon competitions in Ontario can be found HERE 

Specific race rules that Bytown Storm Triathlon would like to highlight can be found HERE on our main events page.

Race Fees:

Entry Fees : $55.00 for Triathlon Ontario / Triathlon Quebec members; non Provincial Governing Bodies members pay 6$ race day insurance fee

Triathlon Ontario Membership: This event is sanctioned and supported by TRIATHLON ONTARIO and is intended to provide youth with the unique opportunity of experiencing the sport in a positive, safe and fun environment. As such we encourage participants to become full members of Triathlon Ontario and support the development of youth sport in Ontario. You can purchase your Triathlon Ontario membership

Aerial overview and Bike Course 

Sunday August 12th, 2018

Run Course 

Course Maps

NOTE: You are responsible for completing the correct number of laps.

Swim Course