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Since 2001 we are in pursuit of Excellence for our triathletes.  Excellence in triathlon does not come easy and does not come early, we believe excellence is built around the EXPOSE, EXPLORE, ENHANCE AND EXCEL model.

EXPOSE – athletes need to be exposed to skills, knowledge and experiences that provide challenges and promotes discovery.

EXPLORE – we give athletes the opportunity to explore their abilities, ask questions and succeed through failure.  Athletes are supported through the process of determining how to get the best out of themselves.

ENHANCE – skills, speed, strength and stamina need to be extended to meet the performance demands of the sport, this point in an athletes development is where they can set themselves up for International competition by understanding the demands of the performance pathway and starting to prepare.

EXCEL – only by developing the proper foundation that supports constant improvement in all 4 pillars will an athlete be prepared for competition at the International stage. 

Through this process and consistent tracking of sport specific skill based assessments, strength, agility race performance and time trials are we able to assess if we are developing athletes who will be able to meet the demands of racing on any course in all conditions.  The depth of talent in the countries leading the World in Triathlon is no accident, well rounded athlete’s who understand more than outcomes are the future of success in the sport and it is our job as Provincial leaders to begin this development process early on.