COMPETITiVE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM  -   The Performance program is a step closer to preparing young athletes to enter the Draft Legal racing pathway.  Draft legal racing in triathlon is the  most competitive pathway for triathlon.  The Competitive program will introduce triathlon specific skills and start to develop strength, speed and stamina.  Our long term focus will help athletes to be competitive while developing the skills and strength that are needed to compete in the years to come.  This program is great for cross over athletes (coming from a new sport), athletes wanting to compete at the Provincial and National levels.

Program Objective:
To prepare athlete for entry into the competition pathway for Draft Legal racing.  We begin to introduce athlete accountability with training logs, tracking progress and establishing training goals.  Athletes learn the importance of expanding skill vocabulary, and training sessions that exceed the demands of the sport all while we introduce the athletes to a training environment with experienced coaching, fun hard sessions and helping the athlete grow and learn.  Training schedules for this program are flexible and coaches work with the athletes to establish realistic performance goals and training outcomes.

Sept to March
Mondays - 6 - 7am - Swimming  Richcraft Pool

Tuesdays - 5:30pm - 6:30pm Dryland / run or Bike - PEAK Centre for Human Performance
Wednesday - 6 - 7am -  Swimming  - Richcraft Pool

Friday - 6 -7am - Swimming - Richcraft Pool
Sat - 2pm - 2;45pm  Running and 3 - 4pm swimming - Nepean Sportsplex

Cost  $175.00 + hst per month

Programs Fall / Winter 2019 - 2020

Call now to find out more:613-323-5255

TRIATHLON DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM  - The Triathlon Development Program is the perfect place to start a young athlete's introduction to the sport of triathlon or to supplement the athlete's fitness and athletic pursuits while participating in other sports.  The development program provides up to 6 hours of coached training per week.  The focus of the development program is introducing the skill sets for swimming, cycling and running as well as teaching these young athletes about the sport of triathlon and installing a passion for an healthy, active lifestyle.

Program Objective:
The main focus of the program shifts from season to season to follow a structured progression that changes throughout the year.  The Fall Winter program will focus on swimming, strength and XC running as we move into our Spring and Summer sessions we will begin to prepare athletes for the upcoming race season with the ultimate goal of having our athletes begin racing in the Triathlon Ontario Youth Race Series.

Sept to November
Mondays - 6 - 7pm   Running and run specific strength - PEAK Centre for Human Performance
Wed - 6-7pm   Swimming  - Richcraft Pool
Sat - 2pm - 2;45pm  Running -- 3 - 4pm swimming - Nepean Sportsplex

Dec to March
Mondays - 6-7pm  biking / running and core strength - PEAK Centre for Human Performance
Wed - 6-7pm Swimming  - Richcraft Pool
Sat - 2pm - 2;45pm  Running -- 3 - 4pm swimming - Nepean Sportsplex

The program registration is for 33 weeks Sept 2019 to March 2020

Cost  $944.00 + hst split into 2 payments of $472 + hst  (payments Sept and Jan)

Triathlon Ontario, has established a PROVINCIAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM in Ottawa. The program provides athletes with International experienced coaching, World Class sport science support, access to sport specific medical and performance support that is integrated in to the program.

Training to perform at the highest levels of the sport is not done by chance.  Coaches need to fully understand the demands of competition and HOW to move athletes from one level to the other consistently, safely, and with a vision for each athlete that allows the individual to excel at their own pace.

Triathlon Ontario has partnered with local Ottawa sport service companies to ensure the highest level of care, performance tracking and external support who works with the coaching staff to ensure each athlete has the support they need.


Biomechanical Assessments and Training Schedules will be designed on a personal basis depending on the availability, objectives and capacity of the individual.  Training groups will be developed to maximize group training, coaching assessment and performance improvement.  Athletes in this group will also have access to all Provincially led initiatives and programs.

The Ottawa location Provincial Development Program has over 8 hours of pool time every week in 3 locations across the city.  Our partnerships with PEAK Centre and uOttawa provide access to World Class Training facilities that include free weights, weight machines, treadmills and bike trainers.   Athletes combine coached and OYO (on your own) sessions to develop a full training plan as per their personal schedule.  Full PEAK CENTRE membership is included to all PDP athletes

Ottawa Schedule

SWIMMING - Mon / Wed / Fri - 6:00am - 7:30am Richcraft Pool

                       Tue / Thurs        - 10:00am - 11:00am uOttawa Pool

                       Saturday            - 3:00 - 4:30pm

DRYLAND / BIKE / RUN - Mon / Tue / Wed / Thur - 6:00pm - PEAK Centre

                                           Wed / Fri  - 2:00pm - 3:30pm  - uOttawa

                                           Saturday  - 8:30 - 11:00am - PEAK Centre

This program is run through TRIATHLON ONTARIO.  For more information on the program please contact
Provincial Development Coach Greg Kealey at

For REGISTRATION please visit