Provincial development program

Athletes registered in this program are part of TRIATHLON ONTARIO'S PROVINCIAL TRAINING SQUAD

Triathlon Ontario Provincial Development Program 2018/2019

The Triathlon Ontario Provincial Development Program (“PDP”) provides world class coaching, facilities, sport science and support staff to athletes seeking to further their progression along the National and International development pathways.

Provide Ontario athletes a National-level performance environment and process that enables success at the National and International level.

Provide Ontario athletes, who are on the ITU pathway, an Enhanced Performance Environment through professional coaching and programming with knowledge of the demands of the sport along the development pathway.

Triathlon at the ITU level is an extremely difficult and demanding sport; wins along this pathway are few and far between and the setbacks and challenges are common.   Success comes from the consistent application of core principals in every aspect of the triathletes planning, preparation and performance.  Winning consistently at the elite level demands the athlete be technically, tactically, mentally and physically knowledgeable and proficient.
Coaches and athletes must understand and address all of the areas for success at all points along the pathway through competent experienced coaching.

Triathlon Ontario’s PDP will offer athletes the following;

  • Accessibility to world class coaching
  • Accessibility to world class facilities
  • Accessibility to world class Sport Science, Nutrition and Mental Performance support creating a true High Performance Integrated Support Team (IST)
  • Competitive Group Training Environment
  • Athletes willing to work within the training environment developed and take advantage of opportunities provided
  • Create an environment that supports the athletes
  • Create a Group of Individuals
  • Allow athletes to grow as individuals at their own pace
  • Develop a value system that creates strong team values and mutual respect
  • Athletes Willing to Make Changes
  • Athletes accepting the need to make changes that will challenge them
  • Athletes willing to push their comfort zones
  • Encouragement of athletes to be self-sufficient, make decisions and be accountable

PDP Services/Benefits

  • Full Nutritional Support with Nutritional professional Madeline Yungblut
  • Mental Performance Seminars with Elysian Insight Mental Performance Solutions
  • Discounts on Individual mental performance support
  • VO2max, Lactate and metabolic testing via PEAK Centre for Human Performance
  • Strength and Flexibility Assessments via PEAK Centre for Human Performance
  • Two pairs of Vorgee goggles per annum
  • Access to discounted EnergyLab carbon wheels
  • Access to discounted Infinit Nutrition products including a customized blended formula

Program Fee
Triathlon Ontario requires a $200 initial administration fee upon acceptance into the program.  Payable to Triathlon Ontario.   

Monthly training fees = $275.00 + hst per month (register below)

ATHLETES MUST CONTACT Coach Greg Kealey before registering for this program email

to register please fill out the registration form and complete the payment process via PAYPAL. 
Registrations are NOT complete until payment has been made. Thank You

bytown storm development program

The Development Program is the perfect place to start a young athlete's introduction to the sport of triathlon or to supplement the athlete's fitness and athletic pursuits while participating in other sports.  The development program provides up to 6 hours of coached training per week in all 3 sports (Swimming, Cycling and Running).  The focus of the development program is introducing the skill sets for swimming, cycling and running as well as teaching these young athletes about the sport of triathlon and installing a passion for an healthy, active lifestyle.

Program Objective:
The development pathway for triathlon is requires the skills and concepts for Draft Legal style racing.  With the introduction of a MIXED TEAM RELAY to the 2020 Olympic Summer Games the skills required to move along the sports pathway are changing.   Bytown Storm has the only coaching staff in Ottawa experienced with this style of racing and will prepare the athletes with proper development, working on developing skills and speed first.

The main focus of the program shifts from season to season to follow a structured progression that changes throughout the year.  The Fall Winter program will focus on swimming, strength and XC running as we move into our Spring and Summer sessions we will begin to prepare athletes for the upcoming race season with the ultimate goal of having our athletes begin racing in the Triathlon Ontario Youth Race Series.

The Bytown Storm Development program is open to athletes 10years and up. 
Althlete's MUST be able to swim 50m freestyle without stopping in order to fully integrate into the program.  The program runs through 3 sessions per year 
Fall / Winter - Sept 2018 to March 2019 = 28 weeks

Spring / Summer - April 2019 to Sept 2019 = 22 weeks
Summer (only) July 2019 to Sept 2019 - 8 weeks

Fall / Winter Registration - Sept 17th to March 31st = $898.00 + hst ( 2 payments of $449.00+hst)
* payments will automatically be charged to your credit card in first upon registration, second in Dec 2018)


Monday - 5:30pm PEAK Centre for Human Performance (run)
Wednesday - 6:00pm Richcraft Pool (swim)
Saturday - 2:00pm Nepean Sportsplex (run)
                    3:00pm Nepean Sportsplex (swim)
Sunday - 8:00am Goulbourn Pool (swim)

to register please fill out the registration form and complete the payment process via PAYPAL. 
Registrations are NOT complete until payment has been made. Thank You

Development Program Payment

Provincial Development Program Payment