STORM DEvelopment

Bytown Strong Triathlon Team is meant for adult  (18+) athletes who need to balance pressure from work, family and their own personal goals. 

our programs

We offer triathlon programs for everyone from 8 years old to 80.  

  • Stormtroopers are focused on giving a young athlete (8-11) an active start in swimming, cycling and running as well as fundamental movement skills.
  • Storm Development is meant for athletes 12-16 and is focused on progressing previously learned skills in triathlon while also leaving room for the young athlete to pursue complementary sports.
  • Storm Elite program (16+) is for the athlete who has selected triathlon as their main competitive focus and is looking to reach a personal best.
  • Bytown Strong Triathlon Team is for the adult (18+) athlete who may be entering the sport of triathlon late or is balancing a career, family, and a passion for sport.

As one of Canada's oldest and most successful triathlon programs, we have developed an approach and aspects to development that are being implemented at the Provincial and National levels.  We understand that proper development is more than just physical training, as such, our programs bring a holistic approach to athlete development.  

Our long-term focus for athlete success is about developing the person first and then the athlete.  In our training, we look for and reward persistence, patience, and resilience. Theselife skills allow us to approach other aspects of life (work, school) with a healthy, positive and engaging mindset.  Finally, we also train athletes to: accept failure as a learning opportunity, to accept that high performance is a process that comes with many challenges, and finally that your best performance will take strength, resilience, and patience to achieve.

We welcome you to join the only triathlon club in Ottawa offering complete programming for Kids to Elite and Age Groupers.

The perfect place for the athlete aged 12-16 to start triathlon or to supplement the fitness and athletic pursuits while participating in another sport.

Bytown Strong

The Storm Elite Program is for the athlete who is ready to meet the challenges of ITU style racing on a provincial, national or international level.  



A healthy active lifestyle choice for kids aged 8-11 focused on active play, a variety of activities and developing skills in swimming, cycling and running.