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We began the Storm Troopers Program in 2011, to provide a healthy active lifestyle choice for kids aged 8-11 through active play and a variety of activities.
We believe that great athletes as well as those who participate in sports for life develop the passion for keeping active by starting out early with play.   Our program offers a variety of activities throughout the year all of which promote creative play, games, relays and events all while introducing skill development and supporting progression in fitness and play.  By engaging kids in the three disciplines that make up the sport of triathlon we focus on staying active, teaching new skill sets and making each practice fun and engaging with games, activities and a progressive program that celebrates learning through new skills

Program Objective - Storm Troopers program is designed to provide introductory skills for swimming, biking and running through a fun interactive program that instills a passion for a life long active lifestyle.

PLEASE NOTE: Participants will need:

- a bike in good working order that properly fits (type of bike mountain etc are great)

- MUST be able to swim 25m non stop

Target Group - Girls and Boys Ages 8 - 11 years old. 

The Storm Troopers Program runs 4 sessions per year
FALL  -  September 11th to December  10th 2016
WINTER - January 9th to March 31th 2017
SPRING/SUMMER  - April 1st to Aug 31st  2017

WINTER 2018 SessionStarts Monday January 8th 2018

Wednesdays - 5:30pm to 6:30pm ( RUN or SNOWSHOE & STRENGTH)    PEAK Centre for Human Performance
aturday 2:00pm (RUN)                                                                            Nepean Sportsplex
Saturday 3:00pm-4:00pm (SWIM)                                                            Nepean Sportsplex

WINTER SESSION FEES......$ 299.00 + hst     EARLY REGISTRATION Dec 12th to Dec 24th ...$279.00+hst

STORM TROOPERS (ages 8-11)

Storm Troopers