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Training Programs

We offer programs for everyone from 8 years old to 80.  Our programs are based on the up to date training protocols from some of the Worlds premier coaches.  Our club philosophy supports everyone to develop at their own pace toward their personal objectives.  Join some of Canada's most experienced and successful coaches in Ottawa's development program.

Endurance sports requires the athlete to develop sport specific skills in three sports, dedication to improving skill sets requires more training than playing, triathletes can spend over 100 hours of training for every hour of racing (or more).  This dedication and commitment is more likely to compliment other areas of their life such as school and work.

As one of Canada's oldest and most successful triathlon programs we have developed an approach and aspects to development that are being implemented at the Provincial and national levels.  We understand that proper development is more than just physical training, our programs bring a holistic, fitness and personal growth approach to athlete development. 

Success in sport (as in most aspects of life) is about developing the person first then the athlete.  Persistence, Patience and Resilience are learned traits and are key life skills that allow us to approach life with a healthy, positive and engaging mindset.  These traits are also key characteristics for all athletes: to accept failure as a learning opportunity, to accept that high performance is a long journey and comes with many challenges that will take strength and resilience to over come and patience to persevere.