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Three to Six month options for Development and Storm Trooper Programs.  

MAY 2015 Draft Legal Clinic

Draft legal racing is the cornerstone of International competition in the sport of triathlon.   All athletes competing in draft legal events must be draft legal certified.   Our certification process is among the most comprehensive in the country.  We ensure that each triathlete understands the skills and is comfortable performing them in a variety of environments (slowly, in a group and at higher speeds) this is important in order to ensure the safety of the athletes and the others riding with them.  Draft legal skills can not be taught in one or two days.  This is why our program is spread over 4 weekends and includes over 8 hours of coaching and practice. 

We have the best draft legal certification process in the country and have consistently developed some of the sports best cyclists on the Junior and Elite National circuit.

Our Program begins with teaching

  • balance skills,
  • group riding,
  • contact on the bike,
  • cornering
  • emergency braking
  • cornering at higher speeds
  • reading your line through corners
  • riding tactics and positioning on the bike
  • bike maintenance and general care

2014 Clinic dates    9am - 11:30am

Saturday May 9th / 16th / 23rd

Sunday May 10th / 24th

Certification date Saturday May 30th


Spring and Summer registration is now on for all our programs.  Enroll NOW, don't miss your opportunity to become a triathlete.   Ottawa's only triathlon club with programs for all ages and skill levels.   Register for our Spring / Summer programs and get ready for:

  • Kids of Steel Races
  • Ontario Youth Cup Events
  • Ontario Junior Draft Legal Events
  • Ontario Summer Games Qualifiers
  • Storm Aquathon Series


Spring / Summer or just a summer program join when you want.

MARCH 1ST - AUGUST 31ST ........$912.00

MAY 1ST TO AUGUST 31ST .........$712.00

JUNE 1ST TO AUGUST 31ST........ $569.00

Intake assessment will be done prior to registration so athletes can be integrated into the most suitable training group.


Spring / Summer, Summer or just a Spring program  Storm Troopers have you covered.

MARCH !ST TO AUGUST 31ST ..........$475.00

MARCH 14TH TO JUNE 13TH ............$299.00

APRIL 1ST TO AUGUST 31ST .............$425.00

MAY 1ST TO AUGUST  31ST ..............$368.00

JUNE 1ST TO AUGUST 31ST ...............$299.00

Join the Storm Troopers for fun, friends and fitness.

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